Bob Giles

Bob Giles is a seasoned broadcast and social media journalist currently active in the automotive industry. Giles is publisher of the website, which contains unique stories that can be shared on other multi-media platforms.


His career began in 1962 at WWJ-TV. He was the first producer of newscasts at the NBC affiliate. WWJ-TV later became WDIV-TV. In 1980 he moved to WXYZ-TV, ABC, channel seven. Bob has been a member of senior news management at both stations, and held the title of Director of News Operations at WXYZ for twenty years.


Bob is a graduate of Wayne State University, and continues to be active in its alumni activities.  In 2011 Bob was inducted into the Michigan Journalism hall of Fame. Bob has been a member of ICN for seven years.


You can contact Bob by telephone at 248.398.5976 or email at