Charlie Henry

Charlie Henry owns Challenger Consulting, which serves the automotive performance industry.  He is an adjunct professor of automotive history at Indiana State University and advises Team Sycamore Racing, a student race team.  His own racing experiences include driving for Dodge’s Team Shelby endurance race team, Viper development and Viper “ride and drive” exhibitions.


Henry adds writing, presenting, marketing and event organization skills to the ICN menu.  The gasoline marker in his DNA dictated a childhood of restoring antique cars with his father, and careers in auto shop instruction, racing and the automotive corporate world.


Virtually every position or assignment included communication and training skills.  Those experiences helped refine Henry’s natural flair for transferring information.  Mechanical abilities enabled him to lead the development of performance and race parts for Viper, Prowler and Neon.  Marketing the parts through corporate and aftermarket parts systems, major trade shows and event sponsorships are core strengths.


Henry earned his BS degree at Western Michigan University and his MBA at Lawrence Technological University.  He holds membership in the Society of Automotive Engineers, Special Equipment Market Association, American Aviation Historical Society, Society of Automotive Historians, Antique Automobile Club of America and Sports Car Club of America.  Henry has published several automotive and aircraft historical articles.  He donates time to organizing charitable automotive events.


You can contact Charlie by telephone at 248.477.1970 or email at